A 24hr Commitment in Support4U

All hourly sessions are competitively priced at only £25 per session... From which 50% of all income will be donated to a UK Children's Charity that we continue to make donations for.
email: getwell2022@yahoo.com

   Counsellor Aleksander BA (Hons) 1st Class

My Responsibilities 2U!

As your counsellor, I will endeavour to:

  • establish a relationship of trust and respect with you
  • agree a counselling contract to determine what will be covered in sessions (including confidentiality issues)
  • encourage you to talk about issues you feel you cannot normally share with others
  • actively listen to your concerns and empathise with your position
  • accept without bias the issues raised by you
  • help you towards a deeper understanding of your concerns
  • challenge any inconsistencies in what you say or do
  • support you to make decisions and choices regarding possible ways forward
  • refer you to other sources of help, as appropriate
  • attend further training course
  • liaise, as necessary, with other agencies and individuals, such as GPs, hospitals and community mental health teams, to help make changes based on the issues raised by you
  • work to agreed targets in relation to yourself
  • keep records and use reporting tools.